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4 Beverages for the Holidays

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4 Beverages for the Holidays

Whether you're having a small glass of wine regularly on doctor's orders or staying away from the hard stuff for personal reasons (or also on doctor's orders), you don't have to stick with plain water or a simple glass of red all through the holidays. Here are some fun ways to add delicious refreshment to your season besides the traditional eggnog.

1. Cranberry and Bubbles

Turn cranberry juice into a fun nonalcoholic cocktail with at least a little bit of a health benefit. Mix cranberry juice with cold seltzer or club soda and add in some apple cider. Alternatively, use flavored apple seltzer. For a fancy-looking beverage to wow guests in your assisted living apartment, add a citrus wedge to the top of the glass or muddle some cranberries in the beverage.

2. Specialty Iced Tea on the Rocks

Want to put some of your favorite barware to work during the holidays while avoiding anything that might make you tipsy or interact with medications? Brew up your favorite flavor of iced tea and serve it in specialty tumblers or glasses with plenty of ice.

Tip: Choose seasonal flavors or fruit-infused teas such as citrus or hibiscus and you can forgo the sugar while still enjoying something sweet. Just make sure you consult your healthcare providers or dietitian before drinking copious amounts of certain teas; some can cause blood pressure changes or other health issues when imbibed in quantity.

3. Peppermint Hot Chocolate

If your diet can take a fairly big sugar hit here and there, treat yourself to a fun seasonal beverage by whipping up a mug of hot chocolate laced with the taste of mint. Use a slow cooker to make a large batch of hot chocolate to serve to friends, or simply pair a packaged powder with a microwave or electric tea kettle for a quick cup of the warm stuff. Then, use a candy cane to stir in the marshmallows for a seasonal touch.

4. Fresh-Squeezed OJ through Peppermint

For a decadent sipper that has roots in childhood, grab an orange and a soft peppermint stick. Cut a small hole in the rind of the orange and shove in the peppermint stick. Squeeze the orange while sucking on the peppermint stick like a straw to force the cold juice and hint of mint up and into your mouth. If you're familiar with this treat, your mother or grandmother might have made you eat the orange afterwards, but as a retired adult, you decide if you just want to enjoy the delicious juice.

Holiday beverages are a great way to share seasonal joy. Spend time in conversation over your favorite sippers this Thanksgiving and Christmas, or check out the treats, drinks and meals in the dining areas to see what the staff has planned for the season.