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Best New Gadgets for Seniors

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Best New Gadgets for Seniors

Advances in technology have made it much easier to keep up with household chores, stay in touch with the people you love and perform everyday tasks. Some gadgets are especially good for helping people maintain active lifestyles as they age. Whether you need a better way to manage your medication regimen or an easier way to exercise, one of these gadgets might be able to help.

Facebook Portal

The original Portal device was released in 2018; since then, Facebook has added three new models to the Portal family: Portal Mini, Portal TV and Portal Plus. With the base model, you can make video calls using your Facebook account and the 10-inch Portal device. The display automatically adapts to the light in your assisted living apartment, preventing glare and making it easier to see your loved ones' smiling faces.

Portal Mini has similar functions, but the display is a little smaller (8 inches), making it easier to hold in your hands. If you'd rather use your television to make video calls, Portal TV gives you video-calling capabilities without the need to purchase an additional device. With Portal TV, you can also use Facebook Watch during your call, making it seem as if you and the caller are watching videos together in the same room. Portal Plus has a much larger screen (15.6 inches), better sound quality and a rotating screen, making it ideal for people who have trouble seeing small displays.

Hero Medication Dispenser

Although Colorado Springs, Colorado, has several pharmacies, it's not always convenient to leave your assisted living apartment to pick up a prescription. If you take multiple medications at different times each day, it can also be difficult to keep track of whether you've taken every dose as scheduled. Enter the Hero medication dispenser.

This high-tech dispenser accommodates a 90-day supply of up to 10 different medications. Once you have the device, you can program it to dispense your pills at exactly the right time; for example, you may want it to dispense four medications in the morning and two at bedtime. When it's time to take your medication, the dispenser lights up and emits an audio notification to remind you.

The Hero medication dispenser also lets you know when you're running low on one of your medications, eliminating the need to make frantic phone calls to your local pharmacy. With the optional delivery service, you can even have Hero deliver your medications right to your apartment in the ViewPointe community.

Narwal T10 Robot Mop and Vacuum

You have better things to do than mop the floor or push a vacuum around your apartment. That's why the Narwal T10 is such a helpful device. Although robotic vacuums and mops have been on the market for years, the Narwal T10 is the first automatic mop and robot that also cleans itself. Not only does this programmable device save time, but it also eliminates the need to keep multiple cleaning devices in your apartment.

Smart Balance by Neofect

If you've had a stroke, it's important to perform exercises to increase your strength and restore your balance. Working with a physical therapist can be helpful, but it's also time-consuming; depending on the terms of your insurance plan, it may also increase your out-of-pocket medical costs.

The Neofect Smart Balance makes it easy to do lower-body exercises at home, saving you money and eliminating the need to travel back and forth to a physical therapist's office. When you use the device, built-in sensors lead you through a series of exercises designed to strengthen your core and improve your stability. The Smart Balance turns each exercise into a game, making it more likely that you'll keep up with your physical therapy regimen.

OrCam Read

E-readers have made it much easier to purchase and enjoy books in all genres; however, holding an e-reader for hours on end can be hard on the wrists and fingers. If you need a break, use the OrCam Read device to scan the text and have it read it to you. The OrCam Read uses a laser to scan text; once the text has been scanned, the built-in speaker reads it out loud. To activate the laser, all you have to do is point it at a book, newspaper or magazine and click a button.

Fitbit Charge 2

Whether you're trying to lose weight or strengthen your muscles, it's important to keep track of your physical activity level. The Fitbit Charge 2 is a wearable device that tracks your sleep patterns, heart rate and daily exercise, making it possible to identify trends that could affect your health. If you're a competitive person, you can even use the Fitbit Charge 2 to have friendly competitions and win digital badges. Best of all, this device makes it easy to track your health data so it can be shared with your doctor or another medical professional.

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