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Creative Project Ideas for Seniors to Beat the Summer Heat

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Creative Project Ideas for Seniors to Beat the Summer Heat

During the hot summer months, seniors are especially vulnerable to heat stress and the risks of extreme heat exposure due to the body's natural aging process and underlying conditions. The good news is that there are several fun activities and crafts that seniors can take part in to make it easier to keep cool while still have fun and fellowship.

Stay Hydrated with Ice

According to Harvard Health Publishing, the average healthy adult should take in around four to six 8-ounce glasses of water each day. This amount varies depending on certain health conditions, like kidney, liver and heart disease or thyroid issues. Also, if you take medications like non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs antidepressants and some pain medications, you may need to adjust your water intake.

Plain water can often get boring, but the good news is that water intake comes from all beverages and even ice. Try filling ice trays with mint leaves or slices or lemon. The cubes provide flair to any drink and add flavor to plain water so it's easier on the palate.

Paint With Ice

Art classes are both mentally and physically good for seniors and individuals of all ages. Not only does art open your eyes to new things, creativity also fosters new connections in the brain, which may help reduce mental decline in the elderly. In the summer, put a spin on watercolor painting by creating your own icy colors. Fill some ice trays with water and add a few drops of food coloring. Freeze the cubes and use the ice cubes to paint. You can protect the hands with rubber gloves or insert popsicle sticks or toothpicks into the water before it freezes.

Plan a Fishing Trip

Colorado Springs, Colorado, is home to several freshwater places for fishing, boating and swimming, including Willow Springs Pond and Quail Lake Park. Organize a day event to go shore fishing and cast from one of the local docks, or rent a charter and take friends out for a day of fishing. With a charter, your captain can teach inexperienced fisherman how to bait their hooks and cast out, and all gear is typically including during the excursion. Seniors 65 and older can obtain a senior low-income lifetime fishing license through Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

Start a New Club

Whether you enjoy reading and discussing books in a group or you share a love of crocheting and knitting, there are many group activities that are easy to coordinate and allow seniors to stay in the air conditioning during the hottest time of the year. Schedule a time and find a place and invite new people to attend. For a knitting group, offer new tips and techniques each week or tackle a large project together. For a book club, vote on a new book every few weeks and enjoy the conversations and discussions.

When planning senior events during the summer, focus on the hobbies and interests of the group. You can also add creative new options to get more people interested. The important thing is to focus on staying cool in a fun and rewarding environment. For more information on the available activities, contact the ViewPointe Independent and Assisted Living Community to keep you busy year-round.

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