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Five Teaching Opportunities for Seniors

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Five Teaching Opportunities for Seniors

The act of teaching can be as uplifting and beneficial to the teacher as it is to the student. Seniors who feel led to teach or simply enjoy helping others don't have to look very far for opportunities to get started.

There are many instances seniors can share their knowledge with others without ever leaving their own senior living apartment or community.

A few of these circumstances include showing a new resident the way around or helping them learn the rules for games or other activities at ViewPointe. Seniors can also put their years of experience to use hosting Bible studies, book discussions or hobby clubs in their apartment or the common areas around the community.

Those among our residents who are good at explaining how to do specific tasks can offer to tutor interested neighbors or family members in activities such as playing an instrument, singing, painting, quilting, cooking or car and home maintenance.

Our local Colorado Springs community provides some additional chances to teach. To help you get started, here are five locations for seniors to share their knowledge.

1. Pikes Peak Library District

There are many opportunities for seniors to teach through the local library system. Seniors who apply and meet eligibility requirements can assist students with math skills, help kids complete arts and crafts projects or tutor adults struggling with reading and writing comprehension.

2. Local Churches

Seniors who'd like to share their faith and time with others can speak with their own home church or the churches their families attend about specific needs. Many of these churches throughout the Colorado Springs area need volunteers to teach Sunday school classes in the children's ministry programs, lead Bible studies for adults of all ages or join mentorship programs.

3. The United Way

The Pikes Peak United Way has information regarding many volunteer opportunities for seniors who want to make a difference, including mentoring children through the Big Brothers and Big Sisters program. Seniors can also help kids with their homework or listen to them read as a classroom volunteer for Early Connections Learning Centers.

4. Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

Seniors who love animals and children can look into joining the Association of Zoo and Aquarium Docents & Volunteers. After completing a series of training classes, seniors can serve as tour educators for school children or interpretive educators who are responsible for speaking with zoo visitors and creating informative puppet and slide shows about animals.

5. PILLAR Institute for Lifelong Learning

PILLAR has offered retirees and older adults the chance to attend hundreds of classes and expand their minds since its founding over 20 years ago. Seniors who once served as a professor, educator or professional in their field can contact the institute with a class proposal through an online form.