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Quick Compliments to Encourage the People Around You

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Quick Compliments to Encourage the People Around You

It takes just a few moments to compliment someone, but your kind words may linger in their thoughts for a while — possibly even years. A quick compliment shows someone you value them, and it provides a reminder that God has blessed them with wonderful qualities. Make it a habit to encourage your loved ones regularly with kind words, and feel free to dole out compliments to strangers, too. The cashier at the supermarket may appreciate your praise, and you can also offer kind words to your mail carrier, ViewPointe staff and fellow residents.

When you're complimenting someone, there's just one important thing to remember: make sure your compliments come from the heart. Offer authentic praise by focusing on the good qualities or actions of the people around you, whether you're praising a stranger or your best friend. Here are a few quick compliments that may lift the spirits of people you encounter.

1. You're a good friend.

Many of us strive to fulfill our roles as friends, but we worry we aren't doing enough. A quick comment like "You're a good friend" or "Your friendship fills my life with joy" lets your friend know you appreciate spending time with them, whether you're venting about a stressful medical appointment or laughing over waffles during brunch.

2. I'm glad God put you in my life.

This statement works well for a variety of people, from neighbors and staff to friends and family members. You can even give this compliment to a pastor who helped you strengthen your faith during a rough period.

3. You have a kind heart.

Many people help others without expecting acknowledgement, but it's still nice to show their efforts don't go unnoticed. Next time you see a neighbor donating canned goods or creating a card for soldiers, compliment their kindness. Mentioning someone's kindness is also appropriate if you notice someone always stands up for others or strives to comfort those in need.

4. You inspire me.

This compliment is suited for anyone who inspires you, regardless of how well you know them. You may have a friend who remains upbeat and honors God despite battling cancer, or perhaps you know someone who is pursuing a college degree in their golden years. Inspiration comes in many forms, and you may even find inspiration from children and teens.

 Compliments can brighten someone's day, but make sure your encouragement comes from the heart. The Bible warns that some false teachers use flattery to benefit themselves and push hidden motives instead of truly desiring to boost someone's spirits. Speak with kindness because you value the people in your life, not because you want something in return. When your compliments are authentic, your kind words may help loved ones appreciate their God-given talents and blessings.

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