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Smart Decorating Ideas to Enhance Your Assisted Living Apartment

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Smart Decorating Ideas to Enhance Your Assisted Living Apartment

At ViewPointe assisted living in Colorado Springs, CO, you’ll find spacious assisted living apartments that you can easily make into an enjoyable home.

We offer one-bedroom apartments with 650 square feet of living space that include separate bedroom and living spaces as well as kitchenettes, bathrooms and walk-in closets.

Senior couples who want to make the move to assisted living together, those who would like more room to spread out or those who want companion or guest options might opt for the 950-square-foot two-bedroom assisted living suite. These apartments include living room and kitchen spaces, two bedrooms, ample closets and two half baths that each open up onto a shared bath/shower space.

Pair these private rooms with the many public spaces and amenities within the greater ViewPointe assisted living community, and you can easily see how you can enjoy a vibrant, active life here. But we know that living in smaller quarters than you’re used to can be a concern at first. We’ve put some tips together below for decorating and furnishing your assisted living apartment to enhance and make the most of the space.

1. Bring nature inside with a few plants.

Indoor plants can serve a variety of purposes in an assisted living apartment. They offer bright pops of living color that continue to grow and change, and they can give the resident something to care for and tend. If someone has been a plant lover and gardener much of his or her life, having a few potted plants can help keep that hobby alive.

Plants can also help improve air quality in a space, though you probably don’t want to overdo it and clutter your apartment with plants in every color. Instead, consider bringing a few of your favorites or growing a small indoor herb garden. If you’d love to make your apartment homier but don’t have a green thumb, start with something easy to grow such as English ivy or Coleus. The latter has a gorgeous red-and-green leaf and is low maintenance once you get it started, so consider buying a well-established plant.

2. Carefully choose some existing furniture or other pieces to bring with you.

When downsizing from your existing home, you don’t have to give away or sell everything. Carefully choose a few of your favorite pieces of furniture for your assisted living apartment, such as a loveseat, small table, recliner, guest chair or bed. You can also bring some of your favorite décor, including throw pillows or blankets, wall hangings or some decorative shelf pieces. Familiar items that you love can make your new apartment seem like home right away.

3. Make sure to keep safety in a smaller space in mind.

Do keep safety in mind as you choose and place pieces. Avoid placing a lamp or appliance where the cord must run through walking spaces, for example, and consider placing heavier items on lower shelves. Leave plenty of space in walkways for movement, especially if you need to accommodate a walker or wheelchair.

4. Use the walls to your advantage.

Floor space is at a premium, so turn to the walls to ensure your room is filled with images of things you enjoy or all your favorite colors. Choose fun wall art, display family pictures or collect images of things you enjoy.

5. Choose furniture that offers storage.

When you buy new furniture for your assisted living apartment in Colorado Springs, consider looking for pieces that do double duty. Ottomans that offer storage space for blankets or outerwear, captain’s beds with storage drawers beneath and decorative baskets that help you organize personal items are all examples of items that decorate while providing function. You might also consider writing tables that offer desk-like surfaces for working and writing but can also be used to eat or do hobbies on.

6. Create colorful, functional displays with hobby supplies.

Speaking of hobbies, if you enjoy one that requires a lot of supplies, such as needlework, jewelry making or painting, consider using your supplies as a decorative focal point. Clever shelves and racks coupled with jars and baskets can make a lovely center on one wall or in a corner of your assisted living apartment. Pair that with the colorful supplies you work with, and it can be an aesthetically pleasing space you enjoy looking at and working in.

7. Invest in some technology.

If you have a smart television or a television with a streaming device, you can often connect to free ambience channels. These let you display videos such as a crackling fire, a snowy window or a summer picnic scene on your TV to bring instant seasonal mood to your room.

You can also invest in digital picture frames. These are small screens that look like picture frames. They have a flash memory drive that holds digital pictures, such as the pictures your friends and family might send via text or email. You can put dozens or even hundreds of pictures on these devices to have a rotating display of memories on your wall.

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