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Tips for Personal Bible Study in Your Assisted Living Apartment

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Tips for Personal Bible Study in Your Assisted Living Apartment

Reading the Bible can be a great source of wisdom, understanding and comfort. To come to the Word with obedience and humility, you need a quiet place to study. Choose a corner of your ViewPointe apartment with good natural light and assemble the tools below to create an inviting Bible nook.

If you're a little rusty or would like a fresh outlook, check out the further tips for personal and group Bible study to guide you on your journey and help you share the good news with other assisted living community residents.

Create a Cozy Bible Nook

"Every word of God is pure; He is a shield to those who put their trust in Him." Proverbs 30:5-6

To study with a pure heart and spirit, it's helpful to create a beautiful space you like to be. Add some of the items below to your space to create an oasis you'll return to every day.

  • An LED candle or soft light to create a contemplative mood
  • A woven basket to hold your Bible, notebook, pen and highlighter
  • A cozy blanket to keep you comfortable
  • Aromatherapy oil and a diffuser to promote concentration or focus
  • A pretty Scripture print or inspirational quote for the wall
  • Reading glasses (keep an extra pair here for convenience)
  • A reading lamp for extra light when you study during darker hours

Tips for Personal Bible Study

"...They received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so." - Acts 17:11

  • Ask God for understanding. When you pray, ask God to guide you as you read the Bible. The Bible says He promises you wisdom if you ask for it.
  • Keep an open mind. Be more interested in what the Bible says than what you'd like it to say. If your mind is already made up, you won't gain much insight when you read. Even if you've been reading Scripture your whole life, there are always new revelations waiting between the pages of a well-worn Bible.
  • Read regularly. As in many other areas of life, practice makes perfect. It sometimes helps to choose a time when you won't be interrupted by visitors or staff and make a habit of studying Scripture at that time daily.

Share the Good News

Starting a Bible study group can be very exciting. Reach out to fellow residents and don't be shy about inviting local clergy from Colorado Springs or other communities to be guest speakers at ViewPointe.

Appropriate Topics

The appropriate topic depends on what your group will look like. If you are starting a women's only group, a look at women in the Bible works very well. If you have members from different denominations, try not to favor one over the other during discussions. Here is a list of topics to help you get the ball rolling:

• A look at the women of the Bible

• The letters of Paul

• What does the Bible say about service?

• How to build your faith

• The Acts of the Apostles

• The Gospels

•Music in the Bible

Let the group decide what the topics will be and assign a different leader or moderator each week to keep everyone involved.

Different Versions of the Truth

Passions can run high during a discussion of Biblical meaning. To facilitate a clear discussion, choose a modern translation such as the Living Word or NIV or keep various translations and a concordance at hand. While the King James Version may be beautifully written, it's easy to get lost in a text written 500 years ago. Modern versions help you concentrate on the meaning of certain passages.

Where and When

When you invite others to share the Word, make sure you have a space large enough for several people. Whether you meet in the common area or your own apartment, leave enough room to expand.

Ask the staff to help you set up a place to meet and get the word out about your Bible study, or check out the worship and Bible study offered by the assisted living community.