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Songs of Christmas: Carols in Your Assisted Living Community

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Songs of Christmas: Carols in Your Assisted Living Community

The holiday season is upon us! And with the holidays comes winter. The winter months can bring cold and inclement weather, making it difficult for seniors to get on the roads for travel. This may result in canceled plans and declined invitations.

Thankfully, most assisted living communities like ViewPointe making it easy for friends and loved ones to bring a little holiday cheer without seniors having to leave the community. If you're looking for a holiday activity to share with a loved one, or interested in spreading some Christmas cheer across the entire assisted living community, consider doing some Christmas caroling.

At the turn of the century, as Christmas became more commercialized, caroling groups became popular. Groups of friends and families would congregate and travel door to door through neighborhoods singing popular Christmas carols to friends and strangers alike. Often times, carol groups would perform on street corners and in parks for the merriment of passersby. In this day and age, the art of caroling is not quite as common as it once was, but it’s still a well-loved tradition. Why not bring this tradition into your assisted living community? Caroling, believe it or not, can offer quite a few benefits for seniors.

Meeting New Faces

Maybe you or your loved one is new to the community. Check with the staff for activities provided within the community to see if Christmas caroling is an option. Joining a caroling group, or attending a performance, is a great way to meet others living within the community. Familiar faces and new friendships are such a gift during the transition into a new environment.

Involving Others

Caroling group can involve residents, family members and staff. If there isn't enough interested within the community, consider joining with an outside organization or asking the staff if carolers can be invited to perform if they haven't already. There are many churches, schools and organizations that visit local organization to perform for residents. Inviting a church group or school choir encourages others outside of immediate friends and family to mingle with everyone at ViewPointe, which is a treat for all.

Kicking The Holiday Blues

Not all seniors have family nearby, which can make for some loneliness during the holidays. Because caroling is so interactive, it's a great activity to engage anyone feeling a bit blue. If your assisted living community invites or includes friends and family, encourage them to come. This offers seniors who may be alone time with other residents in the community and their families. Plus, they’ll get to sing along to some favorite Christmas tunes!

Therapeutic Qualities

 Music has been proven to be a powerful therapy tool. It is utilized to promote emotional health, cope with stress and boost your overall well being. Music has been shown to boost moods and cognitive thinking, and it can aid in relaxation. Research has also shown that music can be used to reduce or manage stress. With all the benefits that music has to offer, a little bit of caroling will certainly leave you with a smile!